Washing Instructions


                                        Indigo Fabric Washing Instructions

1. Zip Zag, serge or stay stitch all raw edges. this prevents fraying and allows the fabric to wash evenly. Omitting this step may cause the fabric to develop streaks.

2. fill the washer with COLD water and set for COLD rinse. The largest  load setting possible as the fabric is overdyed and needs the large amounts of water to wash clean and remove sizing.

3. Use ORVUS Soap at one tablespoon for the wash load. Agitate the ORVUS before adding the fabric. While we have successfully used other NON phosphate type detergents, i.e. very mild detergents, by reducing the recommended amount by 1/2, other strong detergents, i.e. Tide, Cheer, All are too harsh for the fabric.

4. Unfold the fabric and place it into the machine as flat as possible spreading it out around the agitator.

5. Limit the load size to 4 yards max for the standard size machine. Using more than this prevents the water from circulating through the fabric and may cause streaks. DO NOT OVERLOAD.

6. You may want to add and extra rinse at the end of the wash. (If I rub real hard with a white cloth on the indigo after the first rinse and while it is still wet, I do get the faintest blue, but none after it has dryed. repeat rinsing until water runs clear.

7. to avoid wrinkling, shake out the fabric and spread it out in the dryer with a dryer sheet. do not crunch or bunch up.

Notes: If you are doing small pieces, after zig zaging them you may want to put the pieces in a lingerie bag and following washing directions. It is not necessary to use salt, ammonia or retayne but it will not hurt if you do.

We have washed hundreds of yards using these procedures and have had no problems.

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